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Data Centre Transfer Switch Replacement

Desktop Phone Registration Issue: Cisco Model 8945

Upon restoring our telephony services at the Trafalgar data centre following the transfer switch work this weekend we have discovered that approximately 300 desk phones have not successfully registered with the call manager service. The majority of these desk phones are located at the Davis campus, although all campus locations may be affected.

Data Centre Transfer Switch Replacement

Data Centre Transfer Switch Replaced; IT Services Restored

The replacement of the electrical transfer switch over the weekend was successful and all IT services have been restored. Please contact the IT Helpdesk or visit the ITSC if you experience any issues.

Help Desk Phishing Alert

'Help Desk' Phishing Alert

A fake email message with the subject “IT_ServiceCenter” is circulating to email addresses at Sheridan.  This message is another attempt to fool the Sheridan community into disclosing their username and password on an external site.

Adobe CS6 Serial Keys

Replacement Keys for Expired CS6 Serial Numbers

Some students who were entitled to the Adobe CS6 Master Collection in 2013 may find their license key has expired. Sheridan and a few other colleges have experienced this problem. We have now received replacement keys from Adobe.

What the Tech is Going On?

What the Tech is Going On?

Get the scoop on all the tech-related happenings from Sheridan’s IT department. This issue features a plethora of information, including details about fall term service and support, various project and software updates, and an assortment of other important IT news and articles.