Information Technology

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Adobe Creative CloudAdobe Creative Cloud for students

Trend Titanium Antivirus+

Antivirus software for students

Sheridan App

Sheridan Mobile

The Sheridan Mobile app features a collection of hybrid mobile applications to enhance the experience of students, faculty, staff and visitors who interact with Sheridan. The app is available for a number of mobile devices and includes a number of useful features, including the popular Javacam—get a heads up as to the shortest (or longest) coffee lines on campus.

ITSC Service Appointments

Have a Technology Issue that Requires Extra Attention? Book an ITSC Service Appointment

Sheridan staff and students can schedule ITSC service appointments to deal with technology issues that require a bit more time and effort to address. Please note that service appointments are NOT available during the first week of a new semester.

Sheridan Tech Essentials

New Students… Get Your Tech Essentials!

From network access and printing, to installing software and accessing your Sheridan email, the Tech Essentials page is your launching point to getting connected to technology and online services at Sheridan.

Password Phishing Email

Security Alert: Password Change Phishing Email

A fake email message with the subject “RE: FACULTY AND STAFF MAILBOX ALERT” is circulating to email addresses at Sheridan. This message is yet another attempt to fool the Sheridan community into disclosing their username and password on an external site.