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Trend Titanium Antivirus+

Antivirus software for students

The Heartbleed Bug

The Heartbleed Bug: What You Need to Know

As you have probably heard, security researchers this week discovered a serious security flaw in OpenSSL*, a popular data encryption standard that is utilized by an estimated two-thirds of the web servers on the Internet. This vulnerability gives hackers the ability to read confidential data from the services that we use every day and assume are mostly secure.

Laptop Precheck

Laptop Precheck Utility for Students Starting a Mobile Computing Program in May is Now Available

Pre-Check will determine if your hardware and operating system are acceptable for your Mobile Computing program and will confirm if you will be able to download the academic software required for your program from the Sheridan network.

Reconnecting I.T.

Care & Feeding of Your New Green Printer

The deployment of new Lexmark printers to administrative and faculty offices has been completed. Find out how to order supplies and maintenance for the new printer(s) in your office and how to return old toner and supplies for the legacy Xerox machines.

Sheridan email domain blacklisted

Rejected/Returned Sheridan Email: Sheridan Email Domain Blacklisted

Over the past few days, a number of Sheridan users have reported that email they have sent to outside organizations or individuals is being returned. Unfortunately, this was occurring because Sheridan's email domain had been blacklisted by a number of internet spam tracking services. Currently, Sheridan's email domain has been removed from the blacklists.

the end is near

Skillsoft Training Modules Unavailable after May 31

Sheridan’s license agreement with Skillsoft (aka Skillport) for their online training modules will be ending on May 31, 2014. Access to Books 24x7, previously available through Skillsoft, will continue to be available through Sheridan Library’s web site.