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IT User Experience Governance Group (UX360)

About UX 360

image of laptop, mobile phones and user interactionsThe IT User Experience Governance (UX 360) group has been established to address the technology needs of end users in Sheridan’s academic, administrative and common spaces. The group is charged with meeting the following objectives:

  • Recommending technology standards that are functional and suitable for the above mentioned spaces
  • Researching and championing the selection of new technologies
  • Responding to user requirements via an established governance process
  • Establishing an outlet to highlight operational constraints/issues

Terms of Reference

Please see the IT User Experience Group Terms of Reference for more information about this group, including details about scope, mandate, and member roles and responsibilities.

UX 360 Membership


  • Director IT Support Services

Meeting Minutes

  • Marcie Matsubuchi

Academic Faculty Reps

Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

  • Howard Simkins (Faculty)
  • Martin de Bernardo (Manager, Technical Services)

Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies

  • Faculty Rep TBA

Faculty of Applied Science & Technology

  • Vito Picicci (Faculty)
  • Wes Tanney (Technologist)

Pilon School of Business

  • John Laugesen (Faculty)

Faculty of Continuing & Professional Studies

  • Don McCulloch, Operations Manager

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Derrick Millard (Faculty)

Centre for Teaching & Learning (CTL)

  • Michael Evans

Communities of Practice

  • TBA

Change Advisory Board Reps

  • James Duncan, CTL (CAB co-chair)

Information Technology

Technology, Assets & Business Management

  • Paul Khangura
  • Sarah Bernardi

Collaborative Technology Group

  • Trevor Hanekamp

Infrastructure Solutions Group

  • Chris Descheneaux

Cloud Services Group

  • Ian Colquhoun


  • Vacant

Enterprise System Services

  • Ausim Mobeen

Library Services

  • Claire Wollen

Office of the Registrar

  • Bryan MacFarlane

Student Affairs

  • Jordan Carlson

Student Union

  • TBA
* secondary designate

Former Members

  • Brent Furneaux (Faculty, PSOB)
  • Holly Ashbourne (Library)
  • Brian Smith (CTL)
  • Rod Stewart (IT)

Recommendations & Decisions

Below is a summary of the the issues/concerns currently being tackled by the UX360 group along with any associated recommendations and/or decisions.

Implementing a Multi Browser Strategy

[Jan. 23, 2017] Members were asked to consider employing a multi browser strategy: e.g. we deliver multiple web browsers in our base software image (Lab and Learning Commons computers; staff and faculty disk images). This strategy would offer users alternatives when faced with systems that have browser-specific requirements and/or compatibility issues.

Recommendation & Decision

It was proposed that we offer three browsers in Sheridan’s disk images:

  • The OS default browser (Edge or Safari)
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox

The group unanimously voted to include the browsers noted above in Sheridan's base software image.

Supporting Documents

Deploying Office 2016 (Windows) for the 2016-2017 Academic Year

[May 30, 2016] Committee members were asked to assess whether there was a desire/need for academic faculties to move to Office 2016 for the 2016-2017 academic year that begins in September.


  • Office 2016 to be made available to faculty and staff to download from AccessSheridan in time for the start of the September 2016 semester

  • Office 2016 to be made available in learning spaces (podium PCs; labs; learning commons) and/or included on Sheridan disk images for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Supporting Documents

Deploying Windows 10 for the 2016-2017 Academic Year

[May 30, 2016] Constituents were asked for their recommendation for deploying Windows 10 for faculty and staff as well making it available in teaching and learning spaces for the 2016-2017 academic year.


  • Defer the implementation of Windows 10 until the 2017-2018 academic year, with a pilot running during the summer of 2017

Supporting Documents