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AppsAnywhere Video

This video is a 30 second animation explaining the benefits of using AppsAnywhere to virtualize applications. The video transcript is available by following AppsAnywhere Video Transcript.

Many of the favourite software applications used by mobile computing students along with faculty, staff and students using Sheridan devices are available through AppsAnywhere.

Did You Know?

Software installation from AccessSheridan is now discontinued. The service had reached the end of its lifecycle and no longer supported operating systems and Web browsers as they upgraded.


Q. Why AppsAnywhere?

A. AppsAnywhere provides all Sheridan students and employees an easy to use web portal for accessing software on demand through a web browser.

Q. What web browsers are supported by AppsAnywhere?

A. AppsAnywhere works with recent versions of Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. All other browsers that conform to the usual web protocols will work, too.

Q. Does AppsAnywhere work offline?

A. Yes. Software will need to be pre-loaded online before using it offline. Work can also be saved as you normally would either locally or online.

Q. What software is available from AppsAnywhere?

A. Software available on and off campus to students is specific to programs, courses and classes. Access may be on a term to term basis and sometimes there is a limit to the number of computers you can run the software on simultaneously. Software for Sheridan employees is also available on AppsAnywhere.

Support & Resources


Available from the IT Service Desk.

Software for Students

Free and for purchase software available to Sheridan students. [Read more about software for students.]

Software for Employees

Free and for purchase software available to Sheridan employees. Also includes information about disk images for Sheridan-owned or leased computers and PeopleSoft applications. [Read more about software for employees.]

Academic Software Requests

Educators in Sheridan's academic faculties can make requests for academic software that need to be packaged and delivered over Sheridan's network and/or in a multi-user lab environment. [Read more about academic software requests.]

The Sheridan Mobile App

Sheridan Mobile AppThe Sheridan Mobile app features a collection of hybrid mobile applications to enhance the experience of students, faculty, staff and visitors who interact with Sheridan. [Read more about the Sheridan Mobile App.]