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Email Distribution Lists

Available to:

  • All active Sheridan employees.


About Email Distribution Lists

An email distribution list is similar to an email alias, but it is often used to manage addresses with a large number of recipients, and provides web-based self-service capabilities whereby College employees may add and remove recipients from the list without the assistance of Information Technology.

Features & Benefits

  • Can be managed by College employees directly without the intervention of Information Technology

  • Can be used to easily manage email addresses with a large number of recipients

Getting Started

Requesting a Distribution List

  • Send an email to with the following information:
    • request email address (the front portion of an email address ending with
    • the list owner(s) (one or more people who will manage the list)
    • any initial members of the list that you wish IT to pre-populate

  • The creation of an email alias must be approved by the appropriate departmental Manager or Director.
Please note: Information Technology reserves the right to reserve addresses for future use, e.g., common words and terms, as well as addresses that resemble personal addresses that may be automatically assigned to future staff or students.


In Person Support

Available at the IT Service Desk counter.

Phone or Email

Call the IT Service Desk at ext. 2150 or send email to