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Podium Training for Sheridan Faculty

Sheridan Podium Training[Apr. 16, 2019] Learn how to get the most out of Sheridan’s classroom technology by booking a podium training session. You’ll learn about the tools you have available to support your curriculum, including:

Booking Your Podium Training Session

Podium training is available on demand, Monday - Friday (holidays excluded), and can be arranged anytime between 6 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Sessions typically run about 30 minutes.

To arrange your training, send email or call the contact noted below for youir campus. Indicate the preferred date and time you would like to attend. It would also be helpful if you note the classroom(s) you're teaching in so that we can train you using the appropriate podium equipment—there a few different configurations throughout the college.

Davis Campus

Hazel McCallion Campus

Trafalgar Road Campus